Laser Marking Machine

Laser marking Machine
Unimark 3.0 laser makring machine has the advantages are simple operation, easy and quick installation, USB contacted with any computer and installing. It is working without consumables in a flexible way. It can work stably 50-100 thousand hours and without power attenuation problem.

Technical Parameters of   Laser Marking Machine

Model  UNIMARK  3.0
Standard Marking Area 100*100mm. 150*150mm.
Laser Power(w) 10/20/30/50
laser wave length  1060-1070 NM
Each Pulse Energy (mj) 0.5 1
Welding speed range 0~120 mm/s
Pulse Wave Frequency 20 – 80 Khz
Graphic Format Supported SAF、PLT、DXF、CMX、EMF、AI、JOB、MCL、BMP
Cooling system

Working voltage


220 V


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