See how plasma cutting machines work

Currently on the market there are several technologies available to perform metal cutting. However, to achieve the most efficient results possible, companies have invested heavily in plasma cutting procedures much more than in other cuts.

This is no accident. This format is much more profitable and advantageous compared to the others, so its cost-benefit becomes something very attractive. Something that is valid for any company.

That said, see below a little more about plasma cutting and understand how the machines used in this cut operate.

What is plasma cutting?
Plasma cutting, as stated earlier, is one of several existing metal cutting procedures.

This cutting model has been improving over the years as it has received new technologies. The coaxial air jet system in manual systems is an example of this.

In addition, it is worth noting that there are several advantages that plasma cutting brings over its competitors, such as:

Reduced risk of parts deformation;
Great cutting speed.
As for the cutting procedure itself, the equipment needed to perform it include:

earth clamp;
Plasma torch ;
Power generating source;
What are plasma cutting machines?
A plasma cutting machine is used to cut metals such as steel and aluminum.

There are three types of machines:

Computer Numerical Control Machines: Considered to be the most advanced and heavy machines in the plasma cutting industry. The equipment has a fixed plasma torch, which is computer controlled, automating the process. In this case, the cutting of the pieces can be pre-programmed in formats and dimensions according to the customer’s wishes ;
High frequency (HF) contact system: these are the first models of plasma cutting machines and had manual operation. They work through a spark that forms inside them, which – later – transforms the stored gas into plasma that, through a nozzle, heats and melts the selected metal.
Pilot Arc Machines: A highly efficient electrical circuit creates a very small, high-intensity spark inside the plasma torch body, resulting in the generation of a small amount of plasma gas before the nozzle even touches the metal. This method is used with CNC machines to reduce problems that can be caused by high frequency electricity reacting with computerized machines and generally produces a much cleaner metal cut by pushing away any debris .
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